My Review of Click and Grow’s Indoor Gardening Kits

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I’m excited to share my experience with Click and Grow’s indoor gardening kits! As an affiliate partner, they sent me one of their Smart Garden kits to try out. After using it for over a year now, I’m happy to provide a review of these innovative self-sustaining indoor gardens that let you easily grow fresh greens, fruits, and herbs year-round.

An Easy Indoor Gardening Solution

click and grow easy indoor gardensClick and Grow attracted me because their gardening kits make indoor gardening super simple. You can grow crops in small spaces any time of year without worrying about sunlight or growing seasons. Their self-contained units provide automatic watering, LED grow lights, and optimized nutrients so all you have to do is add the seed pods and let the garden grow.

Review of the Compact Smart Garden 9 Kit

gardening kit

A Great Option for Beginners and Experienced Gardeners

The Smart Garden 9 is perfect for me, my kids, beginners and experienced gardeners alike. It makes indoor gardening so simple, yet still appeals to seasoned gardeners who want to explore micro-gardening. I love that it lets me grow fresh food year-round despite not having a tropical climate or much space.

Small and Self-Contained

This self-growing system can hold 9 plants in a compact 2×1 foot base. It’s ideal for herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables. The small size looks great anywhere without taking up much space. There’s no need to gather supplies – just add pods, water and plug it in.

compact gardening kit for micro gardening

Effortless Watering and LED Grow Lights

It waters plants automatically via wicks that draw water up into the seed pods. The LED grow light bar ensures plants get the right amount of light to thrive. No need to find the perfect sunny spot!

garden kit seed pods- smart soil with seeds included

Makes Organic Gardening Simple

The smart soil provides nutrients without pesticides or chemicals. It lets you grow organic plants easily without dealing with weeds, pests or fertilizing.

fun, healthy, easy organic gardening

Fun, Rewarding and Healthy

It’s fun and rewarding to watch the garden grow! And eating fresh from the garden is great for health – their plants contain up to 3X more antioxidants than store-bought.

Where to Buy and Discount Code

Click and Grow kits come in 3 sizes. Use my link for the best discount. Or enter code FAMILY for 15% off (25% off for a limited time). Hassle-free 1 year warranty.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’d love to see what you end up growing.

Plant Growth Timeline

By 2 weeks, all seeds had sprouted – lettuce first, then tomatoes and basil. By 4 weeks, lettuce was ready to eat!

click and grow smart garden reviews- photo taken at 6 weeksNow after over a year, my Smart Garden is still going strong! The self-watering system and optimal conditions make it easy to continually yield fresh crops.

Gardening Accessories Kit Review

Click & Grow now offers a handy accessories kit with a pollination brush, herb shears, extra wicks and bags. Great for replacing worn parts and harvesting crops.

smart garden accessories review

How Long Do Plants Last?

On average, most plants last about 3 months. Quick crops like lettuce are done in 6-8 weeks. Herbs can last many months. Unused pods keep for about a year before germinating.

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