Essential Oil Room Spray: Delightful Autumn DIY Home Fragrance

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We just finished our second leaf sweep of the fall season. It is that time of year to start a little home cleaning in preparation for all the big holidays coming up. It is also nice to have your home smell welcoming for visitors. I love this DIY room spray recipe for this purpose. With just a few natural ingredients, your home will smell great and offer the benefits of aromatherapy at the same time! Here is how to make room spray with essential oils. Instead of store-bought consumer products that often feature artificial fragrances that can trigger allergic reactions, try this natural room freshener.

This post was first published October 17, 2017. I am republishing it here because it is one of my favorite essential oil recipes this time of year.

Now that cooler temps are sticking around and Fall is definitely in the air, the smells of chilly weather like orange and spices and apples and falling leaves are starting to pop up in stores! I love making my own sprays and putting together my own essential oil blend instead of purchasing ones at the store mainly because I know exactly what is going into my DIY home fragrances. This Autumn Air room mist is simple to make and contains zero nasty chemicals! These essential oil sprays are all natural and contain 100% therapeutic essential oils! If you have about 5 minutes, you can make essential oil room spray that brings together some of your favorite fall scents!

DIY Essential Oil Room Spray Tutorial

how to make room spray

Ingredients/Supplies for your Autumn Air DIY Home Fragrance Recipe:

  • 4 oz spray bottle (glass spray bottle or stainless steel bottle are preferred because plastic bottles can sometimes interact with the essential oils)
  • organic witch hazel
  • distilled water (tap water will work but distilled is more pure)
  • Young Living orange essential oil
  • cinnamon bark essential oil
  • Young Living bergamot essential oil

When making your homemade room spray, I suggest following this recipe first because it is such a lovely scent. However, once you have the hang of it, feel free to use the basic recipe and experiment with the drops of essential oils to create your own essential oil room sprays. Making your own blend is a great way to use your favorite essential oils!

Essential Oil Room Spray Recipe

How To Make Room Spray:

Grab your supplies and head to the kitchen counter. To make natural room spray, start with your spray bottle and the witch hazel. Pour 2 ounces of witch hazel into your 4 oz bottle. The witch hazel in this spray helps disperse the essential oils throughout the water mix and also helps the scent of the oils last longer in the air.

After you have added your witch hazel to your bottle, grab your pure essential oils (quality matters). Add 5-6 drops of each essential oil. If you want a heavier scent, add more, if you’d prefer a lighter smelling room fragrance spray, add less. It’s just personal preference. You definitely want to be able to smell the mist when you spray to make sure you enjoy the fresh Autumn scent.

After you have added your essential oils, top the bottle off with distilled water. Screw the top on and give it a good shake. Your homemade essential oil room spray is ready. You can spray away!

DIY essential oil room spray

How To Use Homemade Air Freshener

It is such a lovely homemade air freshener. Every room in the house can be sprayed with this Autumn Air DIY Home Fragrance! I just spritz it about four times in each room as I am walking through the room, off to various sides of the room.

It’s so easy to make essential oil room spray and this is an enchanting light scent that the whole family will enjoy! Ditch the toxic ingredients and harsh chemicals found in many commercial room sprays. Instead enjoy this homemade air freshener with your choice of essential oils.

I hope you enjoy this essential oil room spray recipe. Let us know what you think of this room fragrance spray in the comments below or tag us on social media @familyfocusblog.

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