Enjoyable Summer Jobs for Teens

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School’s out for summer! Teens are ready for fun and parents want them to learn about money management. Summer jobs teach responsibility and independence. Here are some enjoyable summer jobs for teens to start working and earning.

Summer jobs develop skills for later like responsiblity, teamwork, and communication. Full-time positions earn a lot for college. Part-time jobs can continue during school.

15 Great Summer Jobs for Teens to Excel

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says most employed youth work in food services. Here are summer jobs good for teens since they often hire seasonally without much experience needed. Teens should apply to multiple jobs as you never know which will work out.

best summer jobs for teens

Tired of the usual summer options? Discover unique and impressive opportunities for your teen to stand out. These build skills, confidence and connections while being fun and interesting. From Adventure Guide to Web Developer, we’ve got great ideas to shape your teen’s future success.

good summer jobs for teens

Restaurant Server

Working as a server teaches customer service, following instructions, dealing with all types of people and earning good tips. It’s great for developing teamwork too. I loved the tips and fast pace in food service.


Students 15+ can tutor online for SolutionInn, choosing their own hours and subjects. It’s great for teens to work from home.

Museum Docent

Teens who love history and storytelling will enjoy being a museum guide. They immerse themselves in exhibits to share with visitors. It develops communication and engaging education skills. They can explore career interests in history, education or curation.


Retail teaches various tasks like stocking, sampling, cashier and customer service. Sociable teens will love interacting all day. Developing teens build social skills. Retail often provides employee discounts on clothes and necessities.

Camp Counselor

As a counselor, teens are role models for campers, leading activities and providing guidance. It builds leadership, communication and teamwork. If your teen has or needs leadership skills, this is great for spending time outdoors, mentoring kids and developing interests.


Nurturing teens will love babysitting and nannying in high summer demand. It requires big responsibility caring for kids while parents work. Dealing with toddlers builds conflict resolution. Teens interested in teaching or social work can test those interests.

Outdoor Adventure Guide

Guide groups on thrilling adventures like hiking, climbing, kayaking and ziplining. Develop communication, instructions, safety, confidence and teamwork. Interact with fellow guides and professionals, building networks and opportunities. Gain deep nature appreciation and environmental responsibility.

Social Media Manager

Help local businesses establish and maintain online presence with engaging content and account management. Gain social media marketing experience plus content creation, communication and analytics skills. Interact with professionals to expand networks and opportunities. Unleash creativity experimenting with content types.

Junior Event Planner

Coordinate and execute events like weddings, corporate gatherings and festivals. Gain hands-on experience in timelines, budgets, vendor coordination. Learn client communication, problem solving and meticulous detail management. Lays foundation for event management career.

summer jobs teenagers


Being a barista offers high hourly pay plus tips. Flexible to transfer locations like to college. Offers benefits unlike many part-time jobs. Great for customer service skills.

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Caring for pets builds responsibility, reliability and attentiveness. Encounter scenarios requiring creative problem solving to keep pets happy. Juggle tasks demonstrating time management and organization. Access through sites like Rover or vet office boards.

Business Executive Assistant

Learn inside operations assisting executives who make big decisions. Enhance professional skills managing schedules, meetings and tasks. Gain business connections for future opportunities and mentorship.

Non-Profit Volunteer

Gain a sense of purpose and make a community difference volunteering for causes. Build teamwork, communication and problem-solving for future jobs and life.

Junior Photographer

Work with professional photographers to capture community events and local culture. Hone photography and storytelling skills. Develop an eye for powerful imagery and visual messages. Meet industry professionals for collaborations, mentoring and job opportunities.

Junior Web Developer

Create appealing, user-friendly websites optimized for search engines. Bring ideas to life collaborating with clients and teams. Gain technical and creative skills highly valued in technology and design.

More Seasonal Jobs for Teens:

  • Movie Theaters
  • Grocery Stores
  • Fast Food
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • House Sitting
  • Agriculture
  • Caddying
  • Amusement Parks
  • Book Stores
  • Career-relevant Internships
  • Job Ads


These unique jobs help teens stand out through valuable experiences. By matching interests and goals, they gain skills, connections and rewarding adventures. Help your teen choose an enjoyable opportunity to shape their success.

Consider personality and current skills when deciding the best jobs. I hope this list of enjoyable summer jobs for teens is useful for summer survival! Any other great ideas?

BTW: I wrote a piece on the Best Nintendo Switch Games for Teens for RetailMeNot.com. Click to read and you’ll have something fun to do with teens when they aren’t working!

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