Lots of Awesome Family Fun Night Ideas

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Family nights are an excellent way to stay connected with your family, no matter what ages and stages of life. This connection is increasingly important in today’s world where potential distractions from family are becoming ever louder. It is important for families to invest quality time each week if they really want to forge meaningful, lasting relationships and reap the benefits of family. Having a consistent family night is one way for families to have quality time together. Here are some family fun night ideas that the whole family can look forward to each week.

Family Fun Night Guide

family fun night ideas

Planning a family fun night but don’t know where to start? Look no further! This ultimate guide is here to help you plan the perfect family fun night that will have everyone smiling from ear to ear. With expert tips, creative tricks, and a plethora of ideas, you’ll become the master of family fun night planning! Discover the secret to building stronger bonds with your loved ones through the power of family fun nights. Uncover the hidden benefits that these special nights bring to your family dynamics. They can help improve communication, foster creativity, and create lasting memories. Get ready for unforgettable family moments!

Decide on Frequency for Family Night

First, you need to decide how often to have family night. There are lots of fun activities to do with kids but you want to designate a special family night so the days and weeks don’t slip by you. It’s recommended that you try to do this kind of thing once a week, so look at your schedules and find a day of the week that you all have an evening free. Next, pick the dates for family fun nights and put them on the calendar where everyone can see them.

Plan Rules For Family Night

This part is not that fun but only has to be done once! Set a few ground rules. Will cell phones be allowed? Can you bring guests? What happens if someone argues or complains? This will help keep everyone on the same page.

list of family fun night ideas

Family Fun Night Ideas

Here are a bunch of family fun night ideas to get your family started having fun together. You can repeat favorites and add new ideas to the list any time! Most of these are indoor activities because a lot of times you will want to cozy up together inside and relax but sometimes you will want to go out and explore together too.  Try alternating between family game nights, movie nights, crafting nights, and family fun night outs!

Family Fun Night Games

Card Games

The most obvious question to answer is what games will you play. Start building a game collection so you have a variety of games available. No one wants to play Candy Land every week! The first investment you make should be cards and dice. You can play a variety of games with just these two items by doing a quick search online to find rules and instructions.

family fun night games

Board Games

Next, you may want to start investing in age appropriate classic games. Games such as Tsuro, Clue, Jenga, Scrabble, Double Ditto, and Monopoly cover a wide range of ages. Most manufacturers indicate the targeted players age somewhere on the box. Keep this in mind when purchasing games. Ideally, you want to have something for everyone. Bookstores often sell fun and educational games for people of all ages.

Homemade Games

Make your own board games. This is a really fun activity and it will likely create some lasting treasures.  My dad made a horse racing game for my sister and I when we were little and I still cherish it.

Video Games

For family fun night ideas, don’t be afraid to dip into the digital games. I was surprised how much I connected with my kids when I played a game with them on their xBox Connect. I always think it’s interesting that kids often connect deeply with someone else who plays their games with them.


Puzzles are another great family fun activity.

Outside Games

In addition to board games, outside games are always a hit, and unlike board games, they often do not require a specific purchase. You can have relay races, play red light green light, Simon says, charades and more. You can also play corn hole or croquet.

Family Night Talk

Communication in family is vital to the health of your relationships. It really doesn’t matter exactly what you talk about. You really just need to communicate genuinely, and openly about  things going on in life. Just like spouses need intimacy between them to stay happy and strong, parents need to develop emotional intimacy with their children. Parents might try a family counsel to bring that communication to the center of the group. Talk about things that you like and don’t like about the family, ask for and value the kids’ opinion. Empower them with the ability to make decisions.

If kids are raised in an environment where they learn how to communicate with their brothers, sisters, and parents, they will grow up to be successful in their careers, marriages, and other relationships. You may just share a short thought on a moral principle that would be relevant to the lives of family members. A short talk about the meaning and application of the principle would be awesome! Maybe you could take turns on family night, coming with a quote to discuss.

family fun mini golf

Family Night Out Ideas

Want more family fun night ideas?  Don’t worry.  We have plenty more besides games and talking. This next section is ideas for getting out of the house together.

  • A good old fashioned game of mini golf is fun for kids of all ages (including adults). Miniature golf is a great way to enjoy a little friendly competition.
  • A cookout in the backyard is a great way to spend the evening outside together. Everyone can pitch in on fixing a dish.  Enjoy smores and tell stories.
  • Indulge in a game of sports as a family.  Go to your local baseball field or to your community center for a family game of basketball.  Try out golf!  Or you can play badminton or frisbee in the back yard.
  • A family walk around the neighborhood can get the conversation rolling as you walk.
  • A evening of stargazing and finding constellations can be fun for the whole family. Have a constellation scavenger hunt!
  • Explore local museums.  From art to history there is so much to see and learn and museums these days make it really fun and interactive for all ages.
  • Compete in a walk-a-thon together.  You can enjoy a memorable event and raise money for a charity at the same time.
  • Go berry picking or apple picking or whatever happens to be in season.
  • Find a karaoke night or a trivia night that you can all attend.  Or make your own at home!
  • Visit a local park and let the kids play and adults can swing too!
  • Find a local play to attend as a family.  It is great to support theatrics and you may even inspire your children to participate in their school plays.

Unconventional Family Fun Night Ideas You Will Love

Are you tired of the same old routine for family fun nights? Ready to spice things up and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones? Look no further! Gather your loved ones, because it’s time to embark on an exciting adventure that will bring you closer together. Let’s dive in and explore these extraordinary activities that are bound to create lasting memories for a lifetime.

backyard camping

Backyard Camping Adventure

Picture this: a cozy tent pitched in your own backyard, surrounded by the comforting sounds of nature, and the whimsical glow of a campfire. It’s a chance to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with each other, all while enjoying the great outdoors.

To set the stage for your unforgettable backyard camping adventure, gather all the essentials. Set up a spacious tent with plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and sleep comfortably. Make sure to bring cozy sleeping bags, soft pillows, and warm blankets to ensure a restful night’s sleep under the stars. Don’t forget to pack some lanterns or flashlights for when the sun goes down and the darkness sets in. The beauty of a backyard camping adventure is that the comforts of home are just a few steps away. If anyone needs a quick bathroom break or a forgotten item from inside, it’s a breeze to access them. This convenience allows you to fully immerse yourselves in the camping experience without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Once your campsite is ready, it’s time to embrace the spirit of camping by engaging in classic outdoor activities. Bond over a fun game of flashlight tag or organize a scavenger hunt around your backyard, complete with hidden treasures and clues. Encourage your family to unleash their creativity by setting up an arts and crafts station where they can make nature-inspired masterpieces, like leaf rubbings or painted rocks. And of course, no camping adventure is complete without indulging in delicious campfire treats like s’mores or foil packet dinners.

As the night progresses, take advantage of the peaceful ambiance of the outdoors to share stories and create lasting memories. Whether it’s telling ghost stories around the campfire or stargazing under the vast night sky, these moments will strengthen the bond between family members and provide an opportunity for meaningful conversations. Embrace the simplicity of nature and allow yourselves to be fully present in each other’s company.

Art Night Extravaganza

This family fun night idea is all about expressing your individuality and exploring various art forms that will ignite your imagination. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, the Art Night Extravaganza provides a welcoming space for everyone to experiment and have fun. Set up a designated area in your home with an array of art supplies, from paints and brushes to colored pencils and sketchbooks. Encourage each family member to choose their preferred medium and let their imagination run wild.

For those who are more inclined towards painting, create a mini art gallery by placing blank canvases on easels or setting up a large roll of paper on a wall. Each family member can then take turns adding their unique brushstrokes, resulting in a collaborative masterpiece that showcases the diverse perspectives and personalities within your family.

If sketching or drawing is more your style, lay out a collection of reference images, such as photographs or magazine clippings, and invite everyone to choose a subject to recreate on paper. You’ll be amazed at the range of artistic interpretations that arise from a single image, sparking conversations and encouraging appreciation for each other’s creativity.

As your family delves into their artistic endeavors, the Art Night Extravaganza not only provides a chance to discover hidden talents but also offers a space for self-expression and personal growth. It’s an opportunity to appreciate and support each other’s creative journeys, fostering a sense of unity and shared experiences.

Minute to Win It Challenge

The Minute to Win It Challenge is a high-stakes, fast-paced competition will put each family member’s skills and abilities to the test, as they race against the clock to complete a series of quirky and hilarious challenges. From stacking cookies on your forehead to launching marshmallows into cups, these minute-long challenges are designed to bring out laughter and friendly competition. The beauty of the Minute to Win It Challenge lies in its simplicity and accessibility – anyone can participate and enjoy the thrill of trying to beat the clock.

As the timer ticks away, anticipation fills the room, and your family will find themselves cheering each other on, offering words of encouragement, and celebrating even the smallest victories. The Minute to Win It Challenge not only brings out the competitive spirit but also strengthens the bond between family members, as they navigate through the various obstacles and triumph together.

outdoor movie theater system

DIY Drive-In Movie Night

To set the stage, clear out a spacious area in your backyard where everyone can comfortably sit. You can use blankets, lawn chairs, or even blow-up mattresses for a cozy seating arrangement. Next, grab a white sheet or a large screen and hang it up between two trees or on a sturdy clothesline. This will serve as your movie screen, providing the perfect backdrop for your cinematic adventure.

Now it’s time to get creative with the concession stand. Set up a table nearby adorned with all the classic movie theater snacks. Think popcorn, candy, nachos, and soda. You can even go the extra mile and make your own custom popcorn flavors or create themed snacks that tie in with the movie you’ll be watching.

Once everything is set up, it’s time to choose a movie that the whole family will enjoy. Whether it’s a beloved family favorite or a newly released blockbuster, make sure to select a film that everyone can get excited about. Remember to consider the age range of your family members to ensure it’s appropriate for all.

As the sun sets and darkness descends, the anticipation mounts. Grab the remote control, turn on the projector, and watch as your backyard is transformed into a magical outdoor theater. Snuggled up with cozy blankets and pillows, immerse yourselves in the captivating story unfolding on the big screen. The DIY drive-in movie night will not only provide entertainment but also foster an atmosphere of togetherness and shared experiences. As the movie plays, you’ll hear laughter, gasps, and the occasional whispered comment, creating a sense of camaraderie among your loved ones.

Science Experiment Marathon

Imagine the excitement that fills the room as your family gathers around the table, adorned with test tubes, beakers, and a wide array of colorful chemicals. The Science Experiment Marathon is not just an opportunity to have fun, but also a chance to learn and explore together. From concocting fascinating potions to creating explosive reactions, every experiment will offer a new surprise and a chance to deepen your understanding of the world around us.

You might start by creating a volcano using baking soda and vinegar, watching in awe as the eruption spills over and cascades down, leaving behind a bubbly landscape. Or, perhaps you could experiment with density by crafting a homemade lava lamp using oil, water, and food coloring. As the mesmerizing blobs dance and float inside the bottle, your family will be captivated by the ever-changing patterns and colors.

The Science Experiment Marathon doesn’t just limit itself to chemistry; it can also explore the wonders of physics and biology. Constructing a simple pulley system to lift objects and understanding the principles of leverage can be both educational and entertaining. Breeding brine shrimp and observing their life cycle could be a fascinating experiment that introduces your family to the wonders of marine biology.

Family Game Show

In the spirit of friendly competition, why not take your family fun night to the next level with an exhilarating Family Game Show? With excitement and anticipation building up, you can set up a stage in your living room, complete with buzzers, a host, and themed questions. Whether you choose to test your family’s knowledge on pop culture, history, or even trivia about each other, the aim is to create an engaging and entertaining experience.

As the host fires off questions, you’ll witness the intensity build as family members race against the clock to hit the buzzers and provide their answers. Not only will this game show challenge your family’s wit and knowledge, but it will also provide countless moments of laughter and friendly banter. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to showcase individual strengths and interests within your family.

As the game show progresses, you’ll notice the excitement and competitive spirit intensify. Each correct answer will bring a sense of accomplishment and pride. On the other hand, incorrect answers will be met with good-natured ribbing and playful teasing. When the final question is answered, the winning team or individual can revel in their victory. The others eagerly await the chance to redeem themselves in future game nights. Be ready for an evening of laughter, learning, and lighthearted competition.

Fun Dinner Ideas For Family Night

No family fun night would be complete without food! Some families like to incorporate a theme with their food, such as Mexican night, or ballpark food. Others take a more causal approach and order in.  Prepare a favorite treat and eat at home, or go out to a restaurant that’s good for the family.  Try something different for each family fun night.


These family fun night ideas are the secret to creating unforgettable moments with your loved ones. From backyard camping adventures to art night extravaganzas and outdoor Olympics, there is no shortage of exciting activities to bring your family closer together. By exploring the great outdoors, unleashing your creative side, and challenging each other to friendly competitions, you’ll make lasting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. So, gather your family and embark on an exciting adventure that will ignite laughter, connection, and togetherness. As the family quote goes, “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” Start creating your own tradition of family fun nights and watch as your bonds grow stronger with each shared experience. It’s time to make memories that will blow your mind and warm your heart.

The most important thing to remember is that family night is about family. It’s not about the games or the food. If everyone gets together and has fun, family night has been a success! What are some of your favorite family fun night ideas?

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