Decorative Embellished Hand Towels Craft

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No matter what your decorating style, you can create beautiful DIY embellished hand towels to customize your home decor inexpensively. Ribbon is so cheap and comes in such a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures so it makes a wonderful way to decorate your hand towels. If you have a particular theme or color scheme in your kitchen or bath, you will surely be able to find a ribbon to go along with it. Decorative hand towels are also a fun way to decorate for the holidays. I hope you enjoy this simple DIY hand towel craft with no sew option included.

Decorative Hand Towels Tutorial

DIY embellished hand towel

Decorative hand towels are so fun to make and can add so much to the style of the room with so little effort. It is easy to embellish hand towels to match any current decor theme or colors.

Cute Decorative Towel Ideas

Decide on a theme for your bathroom. Maybe you want to go with a beach theme or a a glitz and glam theme, or a pretty in pink theme. Or you could decide to match your current bath curtain. Then you will need to get the towel decorations for that theme. Excellent choices are cool ribbons, lace, fabric strips, buttons, shells, etc.

Then, there are three ways you can embellish hand towels.

While you CAN sew on ribbon, fabric, or buttons to embellish hand towels, you can also use an easy no sew method if you prefer.

Hot glue is the quickest and easiest, if this embellished towel is meant for decoration only. However, hot glue only works if it the towel is not for daily use, and shouldn’t require washing.

Another no sew option is to use permanent fabric adhesive which is perfect for decorative hand towels that will be used so that you can wash them regularly.

how to decorate a hand towel

Supplies Needed For DIY Hand Towels:

  • Hand towel
  • ½” ribbon or fabric strip
  • buttons or other small embellishments such as rhinestones or shells
  • hot glue gun or permanent fabric adhesive or needle and thread

How To Decorate Towels:

Choose a hand towel in a color to coordinate with your space- I was able to pick this one up for just $2.00 and it is pretty thick and lush.

Open folded towel completely, find the “bottom front” side of your towel. Measure ribbon or fabric by spreading it out across the bottom and cutting it even with the finished edges of towel.

Ribbon for DIY Hand Towel Embellishment

How to add decorative fabric (or ribbon) to a towel:

Attach ribbon by sewing on with with one of the two mentioned adhesive options. Run hot glue on ribbon in a zig zag pattern, 3” at a time, begin on one end and smooth across the towel where you want it. Continue all the way across. Let it dry for 2-3 minutes. If you use permanent fabric adhesive follow instructions and let dry 2-4 hours.

Fold your towel up as if it is ready to hang, find the front. Lay out your buttons or other embellishment items to find a pattern you like, then secure them down with by sewing or with glue and allow to dry.

decorative hand towel craft

Your embellished hand towel is now ready to hang and enjoy!

If your decorative hand towel is just for looks, it should only need to be dusted off. Or when it does need to be washed, just hand wash gently and hang to dry. Hit the non embellished areas with an iron to crisp it up a bit.  

how to decorate a hand towel

If you make an embellished hand towel with the sewing option or the permanent fabric adhesive, feel free to wash as normal.

Decorated Hand Towels Conclusion

DIY decorative towels

I hope you have fun with this DIY towel craft and enjoy making an embellished hand towel to perfectly match your decor.  You can also make holiday themed decorative towels as fun DIY gifts for others.  For example, a pink towel with a red and white heart ribbon would be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

If you make a DIY embellished towel, please share a photo with us @familyfocusblog on twitter, facebook, or instagram!  We’d love to see it!

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