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I’m excited to announce the release of my new book, a gratitude journal for teens! This journal can help teens cultivate gratitude, which research shows can lead to greater happiness, better school performance, improved relationships, and higher self-esteem.

You can order it now through my Amazon affiliate link.

what is a gratitude journal

What is a Gratitude Journal?

A gratitude journal is a place to reflect on things you’re grateful for and write about them. Writing helps organize thoughts, understand feelings more clearly, and find solutions. Replacing negative thoughts with gratitude can improve well-being.

This guided gratitude journal starts with prompts to learn about gratitude. Then it helps teens practice gratitude for themselves, others, and their interests. There are also tips for using gratitude when times are tough to build resilience.

Daily journaling develops the gratitude habit and focuses on positives. This “attitude of gratitude” works for big and small things, happy and tough days.

While designed for teens, mature pre-teens may also enjoy this journal.

gratitude journal ideas
Inspirational gratitude quotes in the journal.

Why Keep a Gratitude Journal?

Gratitude journaling can improve mental health. Studies connect it to greater happiness, better academics, relationships, and self-esteem. It provides perspective to handle uncertainty and stress.

Gratitude expert Robert Emmons says his research shows gratitude strengthens immune systems, increases optimism and happiness, reduces loneliness and isolation, and more.

How to Help Teens Develop Gratitude

Journaling is a meaningful way to teach gratitude. But this isn’t a replacement for therapy or treatment if a child suffers from depression. Consult a professional if needed.

My daughter’s therapist recommended a gratitude journal, so I wrote this hoping it’s the best one for teaching teens about gratitude and daily practice.

gratitude journal for teens

Gratitude Journal for Teens: Prompts to Cultivate Awareness and Well-Being

Dealing with uncertainty about school, friends, and the future is hard. Gratitude gives teens a tool to re-center and build resilience. Regular practice keeps a positive mindset.

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Themed Prompts for Daily Gratitude

Teens record gratitude and feelings daily to develop the habit. Writing prompts encourage noticing things to be grateful for around a theme.

Sections focus on goals like shifting perspective, self-gratitude, managing negative thoughts, and mindfulness. Quotes, prompts, and exercises develop gratitude for everything.

gratitude journal prompts

Where to Buy This Gratitude Journal

This journal makes a great gift to grow gratitude daily. Get it at local bookstores or order on Amazon now!


“Helps teens appreciate things that bring joy and focus on the positive.” – Lisa O’Driscoll, FunMoneyMom.com

“Helping teens embrace gratitude can transform their lives now and forever.” – Jami Yonash, LifeIsSweeterByDesign.com

“Provides inspiring quotes and prompts to appreciate the small things.” – Christina Hitchcock, ItIsaKeeper.com

“May not solve all problems but can be part of the solution.” – Sami Cone, RaisingUncommonKids.com

“Helps focus on gratitude, positivity, and feeling your feelings.” – ChoosingTherapy.com


I hope this journal helps develop a meaningful daily gratitude practice and improves well-being for anyone who uses it.

Would your teen benefit from cultivating greater awareness and gratitude? Consider this journal to help them gain perspective.

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