Must-Have Apps For Road Trips

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Road trips can be fun adventures, but it helps to be prepared. Thankfully, there are some great apps that can make driving and planning a road trip easier and more enjoyable. These apps can help with navigation, finding gas stations and hotels, creating playlists, and more.

Essential Apps for Driving

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Insurance Company Apps

Most major insurance companies have handy apps that allow you to access your insurance info and roadside assistance easily. These can be useful to have in the car in case of an emergency.


This popular navigation app shows you real-time traffic information, helping you avoid delays. It can reroute you around congestion and offers insights on speed traps.

Fuelly app


Fuelly tracks your gas mileage between fill-ups. Knowing your vehicle’s MPG can help detect issues and save money on gas.

GasBuddy app


Find the cheapest gas prices wherever you are. Save money by comparing rates at nearby stations.

RepairPal app


Get step-by-step guides for basic car repairs and maintenance. You can also estimate repair costs before going to a mechanic.

Must-Have Apps for Road Trips

road trip apps


Plan your ideal road trip and make a customized itinerary with this top-rated app. Great for finding attractions and hotels along your route.

Google Maps

Reliable maps and navigation from Google. Offline maps allow navigation in areas with no service.


Discover what food, gas, and other amenities are at upcoming highway exits.

Hotel Tonight

Find deals on last-minute hotel rooms near you to book quickly on the go.


Make awesome playlists for your drive. Listen ad-free with Spotify Premium.

With these handy apps, you can plan an epic road trip and handle anything that comes up on the journey!

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