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Life gets busy these days, especially for parents juggling many responsibilities. That’s why services like Taskrabbit are so helpful! Taskrabbit makes it easy to find temporary help for chores and errands. Whether you need furniture assembly, cleaning, or help moving, Taskrabbit can connect you with skilled Taskers available on-demand. This can save you time and reduce stress during hectic seasons like back-to-school.

what is taskrabbit

What is Taskrabbit?

Taskrabbit is a platform that connects people needing help (called “clients”) with skilled workers (“Taskers”) who can assist with everyday tasks and errands on-demand. From home repairs to event help, Taskers can provide flexible support.

Is Taskrabbit legitimate?

Yes, Taskrabbit is a legitimate company founded in 2008. It has grown into a trusted network operating in over 50 markets globally. Taskrabbit requires background checks for all U.S. Taskers and has over 1 million reviews.

Is Taskrabbit safe?

Taskrabbit prioritizes safety. All U.S. Taskers must pass identity and criminal background checks screening for national, local, and sex offender databases. This helps ensure you are hiring vetted help.

How does Taskrabbit work?

On the Taskrabbit website or app, clients describe their needs. Taskrabbit matches them with available Taskers, showing profiles, ratings and quotes. Clients schedule services, pay, tip and review all through the platform.

Taskrabbit helps during back-to-school season

Taskrabbit is great for common back-to-school needs like furniture assembly, organization, cleaning, and heavy lifting. It provides fast access to vetted help for busy parents.

In summary, Taskrabbit connects busy clients with trusted Taskers to help tackle life’s to-do list. What tasks could you use help with?

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