Effortless Meatball Sub Using Rao’s® Frozen Meatballs & Sauce

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I enjoy having sit-down meals with my family and catching up over a delicious plate of food. However, with our busy schedules, I sometimes rely on kitchen shortcuts to make dinner easier. One of my go-to shortcuts is using Rao’s® Made For Home Meatballs & Sauce to create a quick and easy meatball sub. Let me share this recipe with you.

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Rao’s® Made For Home Meatballs & Sauce

frozen meatballs

Rao’s® Made For Home Meatballs & Sauce are the tastiest frozen meatballs I have ever tried. They taste so homemade that my daughter couldn’t tell the difference. Rao’s® is a well-known and authentic Italian brand, known for its high-quality products. You might be wondering about the pronunciation of Rao’s® sauce. As someone with an Italian last name, Paolicchi, I can tell you that in Italian, the “ao” combination is pronounced as “ow”. So, it sounds like R-ow.

I’ve been buying Rao’s® pasta sauce for years, but recently I discovered their line of super-premium frozen entrees. They offer a variety of delicious options in both single-serve and multi-serve sizes. Their tagline, “Rao’s® makes every day delicious!” is definitely true.

My favorite Rao’s® Made For Home Frozen entree is the Rao’s® Made For Home Meatballs & Sauce. It comes in a family size, which is perfect for me. I don’t have to worry about making the meatballs and sauce from scratch. I can simply feature them in our family meal. While they are great with spaghetti and salad, my favorite way to enjoy them is in a meatball submarine sandwich.

These delicious sandwiches, with cylindrical bread rolls split lengthwise and filled with tasty meatballs, are known by many names. According to Wikipedia, they are commonly known as a sub, hoagie, hero, Italian, grinder, wedge, or a spuckie. I personally refer to them as meatball subs or meatball grinders. However you call them, they are delicious!

Rao’s® uses wholesome and simple ingredients in their products. You can be confident that there are no preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. You’ll love the tender beef and pork meatballs smothered in marinara sauce.

Rao’s® Made For Home Meatballs & Sauce Recipe Ingredients: Meatballs (Pork, Beef, Water, Bread Crumbs, Romano Cheese, Whole Egg, Parsley, Salt, Garlic, Spices), Sauce (Italian Tomatoes, Tomato Puree, Olive Oil, Onion, Salt, Garlic, Spices).

If you appreciate delicious quality Italian food and want a convenient meal, then you’ll love this easy meatball sub recipe!

Meatball Sub Recipe

meatball sub recipe

This meatball grinder recipe is incredibly easy to make with minimal cooking involved. You simply need to follow the instructions on the package for cooking frozen meatballs. Apart from that, prepare your bread and toppings by toasting, chopping, or placing them in serving bowls.

While the roll, meatballs, and sauce are the essential ingredients for a meatball sub, I like to add additional toppings to enhance the taste and make it a complete meal.

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