How To Make Delicious Slushies With Tropicana® Drinks

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When the weather gets hot, I start craving refreshing fruity flavors. It’s always nice to chill out on my porch and sip a cold tropical drink. Making slushies is a fun way to get my teens to come outside and enjoy the summer heat with me. We just grab the blender, ice, and our favorite juices and we can whip up homemade slushies in minutes. Here’s a simple guide on how to make slushies. They are the perfect cool treat for a hot day and for making memories with loved ones.

homemade slushies

What Is A Slushie?

Slushies are frozen drinks where the ice is finely shaved so you can suck it up through a straw. They also go by other names like granitas, slushes, or frozen beverages.

Store-bought slushies are often extremely sugary. I prefer to make slushies at home where I control the ingredients. Tropicana® Premium Drinks are perfect for DIY slushies. Plus homemade slushies cost just a fraction of what you’d pay for takeout slushies.

Tropicana premium drinks

Tropicana® Premium Drinks

Everyone in my family has a favorite Tropicana flavor, but here are some great options for slushies:

Tropicana® Zero Sugar Summer Splash Punch: A new sugar-free take on classic fruit punch.

Tropicana® Pineapple Mango Splash: A refreshing tropical fruit blend. The wholesome fruit flavors are delicious.

Tropicana® Caribbean Sunset: A tangy, thirst-quenching juice with bright orange, pineapple and cherry notes. It’s a tasty tropical flavor you’ll crave again and again!

These fruity slushies are a fun way to stay cool when it’s hot out.

how to make a slushie

How To Make A Slushie

This easy slushie recipe is so simple it’s barely a recipe! The key is knowing the right ratio of ice to juice. I started with half as much ice as liquid, but it didn’t blend smoothly and the ice was chunky. The best consistency comes from using at least a 1:1 ratio of ice to juice. Since ice is hard to accurately measure, feel free to use a bit more ice than juice.

You’ll need a blender to get the ice finely shaved. A powerful blender is best, but you can also use crushed ice in a standard blender.


  • Ice
  • Tropicana® Premium Drinks


Add ice and juice to blender. If your blender has presets for smoothies or frozen drinks, use that setting. Otherwise, blend on high for about 2 minutes.

Check the consistency. If the juice is separating too much, add another cup of ice and blend for 2 more minutes. You want a smooth, uniform slushie texture.

Pour and enjoy!

make slushie with blenderTake your slushie outside and enjoy summertime fun with family. Slushies are great for grilling out, lounging by the pool, or at summer parties.

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