Wholesome Movie Night Snacks the Entire Family Will Enjoy

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Family movie night is a popular activity for many families, providing an opportunity for kids and parents to enjoy entertainment and food together. While kids often prefer fatty and sugary snacks, it is possible to make healthy and delicious snacks for movie night. Here are some suggestions for healthy snacks that the whole family will enjoy.

Ideas For Healthy Snacks For Movie Night

healthy movie night snacks

There are plenty of healthy alternatives for movie night snacks that are easy to make. Instead of potato chips, try veggie chips. If you have a sweet tooth, swap high fructose corn syrup candies for fruit salad or frozen yogurt. Here are some more ideas for healthy movie night snacks.

1. Cinnamon Popcorn

Traditional movie theater popcorn can be unhealthy due to butter and sugar. However, plain popcorn is low in calories. Skip the butter and add a small amount of sugar and plenty of cinnamon for a flavorful snack. Making popcorn from scratch is a fun activity that can also teach kids about cooking. Plain kernels are also cheaper than pre-seasoned bags and free from preservatives and additives.

2. Fresh Fruit Fondue

Many kids have a dislike for certain fruits, but fresh pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, and apples are usually well-liked. To make fruit more appealing, try making a chocolate fondue and serve it with fruit. Bananas, apples, and strawberries work well for dipping. Look for low-calorie chocolate fondue mixes or make your own using dark chocolate for a healthier option.

veggies and dip

3. Veggies & Dip

Store-bought dips often contain high levels of sodium and unhealthy trans fats. However, it is possible to make low-fat dips at home. Use low-fat sour cream and add onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, and fresh dill for flavor. Serve the dip with vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and celery. Another option is to use natural peanut butter as a dip for celery sticks, as it contains healthy fats and is low in carbohydrates.

You can also try making these homemade dips for veggies:

– Edamame Dip

– Hummus Dip

4. Fruit Smoothies

Instead of indulging in ice cream, consider making fruit smoothies. They are easy to make and don’t require added fats and sugars. Blend fresh fruits like strawberries, bananas, mangoes, peaches, and pineapple with milk and low-fat yogurt for a refreshing and healthy snack.

fruit popsicles

5. Frozen Fruit Bars

If your kids have a favorite type of juice, you can easily turn it into frozen fruit bars. There are various ways to make these delicious treats. Some recipes use juice combined with add-ins, while others use only fresh fruit and juice. Cut the fruit into small pieces for easier consumption and pour the mixture into Popsicle containers. Use Popsicle containers with fitted sticks and supportive bottoms to prevent them from slanting sideways. Freeze for four to six hours until completely solid.

Bonus Favorite Healthy Movie Snacks:

  1. Trail Mix
  2. Homemade Fruit Gummy Bears
  3. Kale Chips
  4. Oatmeal Cookies
  5. Almond Butter Crisp Bars

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