Beat the Heat with Fun Backyard Water Games

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When summer arrives, keeping kids entertained outside can be a challenge. But with creative water activities and games, you can beat the heat while engaging your kids. This article shares fun ideas to turn your backyard into a cool water playland.

Exciting Backyard Water Games for Kids

Fun water gamesFrom classics like water balloon fights to unique games like slip ‘n slide limbo, we’ve gathered splash-tastic water games that will bring laughter and joy. These entertaining activities provide hours of fun while cooling off your family.

Water Balloon Contests

Fill buckets with water balloons for traditional games like water balloon tosses and battles. You can also invent new twists like “Hot Water Balloon Potato” where players pass a leaking balloon until it pops.

Slippery Slide Limbo

Challenge flexibility by limboing under a sprinkler stream. See who can limbo lowest without getting wet in this fun twist on classic limbo.

Soaking Tag

Just like regular tag, but players have to squirt each other with water guns instead of touching. Run, aim, and have a blast trying not to get drenched.

Kids playing water games

Creative Water Play

In addition to games, build unique water features to spark creativity and excitement. Construct pool noodle waterfalls, make rain sticks from tubes and rice, or set up painting stations using water.

Noodle Waterfalls

Assemble cascading waterfalls from pool noodles and let kids float objects down or run their hands under.

Sponge ball target practice

Musical Rain Sticks

Make musical rain sticks by filling paper towel tubes with rice and decorating with stickers and markers.

Water Art

Squirt water guns at canvas or paper coated with washable paint for a creative painting twist.


With creativity, transform your backyard into a water play paradise. Set up sprinklers, fill water balloons, and invent new games to stay cool. Your kids will be entertained for hours with these fun water activities.

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