Hilarious Games for a Memorable Tween Sleepover

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Looking to make your tween’s sleepover full of laughter and excitement? This article has got you covered with a fantastic lineup of hilarious games that will have everyone giggling all night long. From fast-paced minute challenges to acting out silly scenarios, these games are sure to liven up any slumber party.

Group of tweens laughing and having fun at a sleepover

10 Fun and Hilarious Sleepover Games

Want to host an unforgettable movie night sleepover for your tween? Here are some classic and creative game ideas to make it a blast.

Minute to Win It Challenges

A tried and true way to get the fun started is with fast-paced minute challenges. Using common household items in fun new ways, teams race against the clock to complete silly tasks. Think cup stacking, cookie challenges, and more! It’s hilarious entertainment that gets everyone engaged.

Charades with a Twist

Give the classic game of charades a silly spin by having players act out funny songs, movies, or everyday activities. Watching tweens contort and gesture wildly while trying to get their team to guess will have everyone in stitches!

Girls playing balloon relay game at sleepover

Balloon Pop Relay Race

Divided into teams, players race to pop balloons by sitting on them before tagging the next teammate. It’s fast, exciting, and the popping surprises lead to tons of laughter and cheers.

Wacky Dance-Off

With fun music pumping, take turns showing off silly, creative dance moves. The goofier the better! It’s a chance to let loose and get everyone giggling at the crazy dances.

Girls giving makeovers at sleepover

Blindfolded Makeovers

Trade places in the makeup chair and let friends transform your look while blindfolded! Part trust exercise, part creative experience, this game results in outrageous and hilarious styles.

Pillowcase Fashion Show

With craft supplies and imagination, design glamorous pillowcase fashions and strut the runway! A chance to embrace creativity and humor through DIY couture.

Truth or Dare

Classic sleepover game that encourages tweens to reveal secrets or be bold and take on silly dares. Great for bringing friends together and embracing vulnerability.

Fortune teller paper


Popular game where friends imagine future lives by selecting options that ultimately get revealed. Sparks fun conversations about hopes, dreams and imagination.

DIY Fortune Tellers

Personalize paper fortune tellers with fun questions and answers tailored to the group. Then take turns testing your luck and fortunes.

“Would You Rather?”

Pose outrageous scenarios that force tough choices and debate. Shows off personalities, sparks discussions, and gets everyone laughing.


Incorporate any of these entertaining group games to make your tween’s sleepover a night full of laughter and lifelong memories. The shared joy will bring friends closer together and create moments they’ll always remember. Get ready for the fun!

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