A Review of Caraway’s Ceramic-Coated Glass Food Storage Containers

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When it comes to cooking and kitchen supplies, I prefer high-end products made to last with the highest safety standards. Since what I use in the kitchen directly impacts my food and health, I want to make thoughtful choices. I recently learned about a brand called Caraway that offers beautiful, non-toxic cookware, bakeware, glass food storage, and kitchen linens. Their products have excellent performance and aesthetics, and you can coordinate colors across your entire kitchen or mix and match. Caraway products are made without concerning materials like BPA, PFAS, PTFE, PFOA, or other questionable chemicals. And they all come with built-in storage solutions for keeping food containers and cookware organized!

Caraway glass food storage containers

Premium Glass Storage with Ceramic Coating

The Caraway food storage containers immediately stood out to me because they are quite different from most options on the market. Firstly, the glass is coated with a non-toxic ceramic mineral coating. This non-stick surface won’t leach harmful substances into your food. The coating gives the containers a striking, joy-sparking aesthetic with beautiful colors and details.

The lids utilize an Air Release Technology to keep food fresh while blocking odors. They have transparent glass tops so you can easily see contents. The lid design incorporates a silicone seal for an airtight fit. And the lids lie flat instead of snapping over the edges, allowing for compact storage.

But what really makes this set unique is the included organizers for tidy cabinets!

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Caraway storage containers

Caraway Storage Containers

In Caraway’s own words: “We’re on a mission to craft well-designed home goods that thoughtfully raise the standards of what you cook with. Simply put, our products are designed to make your life easier and healthier.”

The Caraway food storage set has 14 pieces representing the cleanest, sleekest approach to food storage I’ve seen!

It includes 5 non-toxic ceramic-coated glass containers in 3 sizes: 2 small, 2 medium, and 1 large. There are also 4 smaller BPA-free plastic containers with lids that fit perfectly inside the glass to hold sauces, sides, etc. This makes it easy to organize complete meals, keep foods separated, and maintain freshness. Overall, the set makes storage, heating, and preventing waste so much easier.


  • Free of BPA, PTFEs & PFAs
  • Microwave*, Oven*, Fridge, and Freezer Safe (*Lids and Inserts Not Oven or Microwave Safe)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Food Safe Materials
  • Non-Stick Ceramic Coated Glass

There are also 3 storage shelf dividers and 2 container straps included.

The glass containers come in 6 color options to match any decor.

Pros: Gorgeous, high-quality food storage free of concerning chemicals. Organized storage solutions.

Cons: Price is on the higher side.

Caraway food storage review

Keeping Food Storage Organized

Organization was a big selling point for me. My food containers were always a jumbled mess, with lids going missing constantly. Now each lid stays with its container so everything has a place.

The included Caraway organizers are magnetic, so they stick together if desired. You can neatly display your beautiful Caraway containers and cookware on the counter with the dividers. Or use them to organize inside cabinets, standing containers upright and minimizing space while preventing scratching and rubbing.

food storageWhether displayed or stored in cabinets, these containers will stay tidy!

Ethical Manufacturing and Sustainable Packaging

Caraway partners with BSCI and SMETA certified manufacturers where employees are treated fairly and work regulated hours. All Caraway orders are plastic-free and shipped in recycled cardboard packaging.

Caraway food storage setGorgeous ceramic-coated glass makes storage beautiful and easy.

Where to Buy Caraway

Upgrade your kitchen aesthetic! Browse the full Caraway collection here: carawayhome.com

Free shipping* on $90+ orders, free returns, and a 30-day trial (*Free shipping limited to contiguous US, excludes HI, AK, and international)

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