Why and How to Organize Your Kid’s Toys

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Clutter from toys can become a big problem for families. It’s important to declutter and organize your kid’s toys so you can reclaim your space and teach your children good habits. With birthdays and holidays always bringing in new toys, it’s a good idea to regularly purge unused toys to make room for the new ones. Here’s some tips on completing a successful toy purge.

The Benefits of Reducing Toy Clutter

Too many toys scattered around the house can feel overwhelming. Having lots of cheap toys also teaches kids not to value their belongings. Research shows toddlers play more creatively when they have fewer toy options. So decluttering toys promotes healthy development.

Tips for Organizing and Purging Toys

Follow these tips to effectively organize your kids’ toys and remove clutter:

Get boxes or bags ready for donations

Have storage boxes or garbage bags on hand so you can directly put items to donate or throw out into them as you sort through toys.

Do the bulk of purging when kids are away

It’s easier to make objective decisions on what to keep when your kids aren’t there protesting about each toy. But involve them a little so they learn to give unneeded items away.

Remove unused and outgrown toys

Focus on toys that haven’t been touched in months or that your child has outgrown. Toys left on shelves are often neglected.

Don’t keep toys just for sentimental reasons

It’s okay to let go of toys past their usefulness, even if they hold meaning. Too many toys creates more mess!

Organize kept toys into labeled bins

Group toys kids play with often into bins categorized by type, and continue removing toys as you sort.

Donate Unused Toys Quickly

After organizing, immediately donate toys so they don’t end up back in the house. Consider selling quality toys online. Regular toy purges will keep clutter minimal.


Decluttering toys helps create peaceful home spaces for families. It also teaches kids important values. Feel accomplished after completing a thorough toy purge!

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