A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Cabinet Hardware

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Looking to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with new hardware? This comprehensive guide walks you through the entire process, from choosing the right handles and knobs to prepping your cabinets and installing the hardware. With helpful tips and detailed instructions, you’ll be able to tackle this project with confidence.

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Picking the Perfect Hardware for Your Space

When selecting new cabinet hardware, consider your overall decor and cabinet style. Sleek, minimalist handles work well for modern spaces, while ornate pulls match traditional cabinets. Also factor in ease of use – larger, easy-grip handles are great for families. Durability is key too – opt for sturdy stainless steel, brass or bronze.

Cabinet hardware supplies

Gathering Supplies for a Smooth Installation

Before starting, gather screwdrivers, a drill, tape measure, screws, and any safety gear needed. Use a container to collect old hardware as you remove it. Ensure you have screws long enough for your cabinet thickness but not too long. Breakaway screws are great since you can adjust the length easily.

Removing the Old Hardware

Use a screwdriver to detach the old hardware. Locate all screws, usually inside doors/drawers, and remove carefully. Gently pull hardware away, checking for any remaining screws. Place old hardware in a container to avoid losing pieces.

Prepping Cabinets for New Hardware

Clean cabinet surfaces thoroughly before installing new hardware. Inspect for any damage and fill holes/cracks with wood filler so the surface is smooth. Mark new hardware placement with a pencil for even spacing.

Installing New Hardware

For easy installation, use a template aligned with your pencil marks to guide drill holes. Alternatively, make your own template by measuring distance between holes on the new hardware and marking on cardboard. Drill holes carefully using the template. Break off screws to proper length if needed. Attach new handles and knobs securely with a screwdriver.

Enjoy Your Stylish New Cabinets!

Following these tips will ensure your new cabinet hardware is installed cleanly and professionally. Take your time, use proper tools and templates, and prep the surface well. The finished look will be amazing!

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