10 Enjoyable Kids Bedroom Design Concepts

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Making a fun bedroom for your child doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are many creative ideas you can use to design a space your kid will love. Here are some budget-friendly kids’ bedroom concepts to inspire you. Often one idea leads to another!

Affordable Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids usually get the smaller bedrooms, so these suggestions work well as small bedroom concepts. When planning a kid’s room, incorporate their personality with a theme, favorite colors, or functions they want like a reading nook. This creates a perfect personalized space.

Smart Storage

Good storage is key for organizing toys and clothes. Ensure adequate space for different toys and make storage accessible for kids. Bookshelves, bins, and cubbies help keep rooms tidy. Small rooms will look bigger and less cluttered with smart storage.

DIY Blackboard

colorful kid's room with a blackboardChalkboard paint from a home improvement store allows you to create a homemade blackboard, perfect for artistic kids. Add color and let them draw to their heart’s content. Use quality chalks to avoid messes.

Glow in the Dark Decor

Paint or stick-on glow stars recreate a night sky. Kids love helping to decorate their ceiling and walls with constellation patterns. Add some magic to bedtime.

Glow in the dark stars and planets on bunk bed.

Removable Wall Decals

Wall stickers and decals allow you to update decor as kids grow and interests change. Easily remove and replace them.

Skylanders wall decal

Display Collections

Shelving or floor space to showcase kids’ treasures like dolls or postcards encourages hobbies. Hang items from string on windowsills or walls.

Custom Murals

Painting a custom mural like a fairy forest or space scene makes a unique accent wall. Let kids help with age-appropriate parts.

string lights in kid's bedroom

Fun Lighting

Lamps and lampshades can match the theme. Add whimsy with lava lamps, fiber optic lights, or string lights. Include task lighting and night lights.

Decorative Furniture

Jazz up essential furniture by painting or adding themes like polka dots. Try handprints if you don’t mind some mess. We painted our daughter’s desk chair her favorite color.

Painted furniture in kid's bedroom

Fresh Paint

A new coat of paint easily updates a room. We took down wall decals and painted my son’s room light grey with a dark grey accent wall, supporting his red and black theme.

Wall Decor

Display kids’ art or let older kids express themselves with music posters. Framed artwork makes it extra special.


A kid’s bedroom serves many needs. These bedroom ideas should spark creativity for designing a personal, enjoyable space your child will love.

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